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Dear Friend,

My name is Michelle Munro , I'm a 34 yrs old women whose story is similar to yours..

Michelle  Munro "Fertility Specialist"

I got married 10 years ago and struggled to get Pregnant. I thought it would be easy to get pregnant. After all since teens we are taught how easily you can become pregnant.

After trying for a few months, which soon turned into a few years I was in a Shock as to why I was not becoming pregnant.

I thought I might be Infertile. Me and my partner both had checks done at hospital. The strain was starting to effect our relationship in the last few months we had tried almost everything.

I still could not understand what I was doing wrong? Why was it other women could get pregnant so easily? Was it my fault?

After much time … I got pregnant.. what I learnt on the way.. was the biggest hidden secret. Today I have three gorgeous children whom I could not live without.


The Reality is that:

Most People Never Even Get To Know To Know What Makes The Biggest Difference to their fertility, Why?

From my research, I can tell you that most people will never come close to making a dramatic difference to their fertility.The harsh truth is that most people are getting caught up in medical treatments such as clomid, HCG, Pergonal. Or the big one… IVF costing thousands of pounds, most of these are not needed.

Pregnancy Sucess Story #1

Pregnant In 4 Weeks…
With ONE Blocked Fallopian Tube

I am a 48 year old mother of one & thanks to these fine remedies I am expecting another again.

I have a beautiful little girl which we are blessed for, We began trying for another baby when she was three, only to miscarry. I found out 2 & 1/2 months later I was pregnant again only to find I was carrying twins & one was ectopic & I lost a fallopian tube & my two angels also.

I waited three months to try again without success, as my menstrual cycle went haywire. I was then put on provera to start my period on time & then put on clomid to help me ovulate as I was told I had polycystic ovary symptoms not actual polycystic ovaries.

I felt at this stage I would never carry a baby again. There was so much going against me.

Then I signed up to your website, from which I got a lot of ideas and advice from.

I was trying for 14 months & after just four weeks of taking all this I am pregnant & so happy, no words can describe.

To all you ladies out there, don't give up I nearly did & my life felt destroyed but thank God for these herbal remedies & just four weeks of taking them I am pregnant. I wish I would have done this sooner.

Good luck to all you out there trying to conceive, I know in my own heart & soul what sorrow & torment you are & were going through.

Best wishes


Adam in now 8 months old!

Update: Adam is now 8 months old

Amy Brennan



So What Makes The Biggest Difference?

The harsh truth is that the most powerful Way that truly makes the biggest difference is by:

“Creating a healthy internal environment so your fetus can survive”

The difference lies in what each person knows and how she uses that knowledge. In other words what makes the biggest difference is taking control of your own fertility, taking the right actions and steps to prepare your body for conception and a healthy pregnancy.

By giving yourself the right nutrients and taking the correct actions to reverse the toxic effects that are destroying and diminishing your chances of conceiving.

And that is why I am writing to you today about a Natural Fertility Solution called Get Pregnant Formula. 


It had been 10 years into our marriage and we still had no children

It had been 10 years into our marriage and we still had no children. We had tried it all—test after test, doctor after doctor, procedure after procedure. Every “specialist” to whom we were referred claimed to have the solution, yet nothing worked. No one knew what was wrong with us physically . Worse still, no one knew what was wrong with us emotionally—not even we did.

I started to break all ties, further isolating myself from the rest of my friends and family. I didn't go out because heaven forbid—I may see someone pregnant or with a young child. I started skipping birthday parties. Family reunions were out of the question because Cousin Martha has a baby on the way. Getting together “just to hang out” was no fun because they don't understand. (And who wants to be with a bunch of happy people anyway?) Worst of all, you start asking yourself, “Can I love a God who will not give me a child?”

You're left without the energy or the will to so much as dial a telephone. Your loved ones begin to wonder, “What's their problem?” Soon you become a punch line. “What do you think their excuse will be this time?” And then you realize that your support system is gone. Now, even if you mustered the courage to reach out, to ask for help, there would be no one left to answer.


Tried Every Method, Every Way To Get Pregnant

I had tried every method to get pregnant. But still I couldn't get pregnant. Desperately, I started reaching for anything. I put pillows under my hips during sex, waited and prayed a lot. Each month was a cycle of hope, frustration and despair. I began an addiction to home pregnancy tests. At the first sign of any symptom of pregnancy ( tender breasts, nausea), I would buy a pregnancy test and promise myself if it was negative, I wouldn't buy another one. But each time I was let down.

When you trying to get pregnant for a long time, it seems every one around or every women you know is getting pregnant by accident.


Powerful Secret Discovery

After some years of frustration, It was a chance encounter with a long lost friend, that I discovered a powerful piece of secret research . I strongly believe this was the missing piece and it would mean that I finally would be getting pregnant, and fulfill my goal.

Once I discovered what the powerful secret formula meant I got pregnant 3 times and I'm happy that I discovered it and applied it to get pregnant every time.

I also realized that I was making mistakes that were stopping me from getting pregnant.


The End Of IVF?

The sad fact is IVF is a multimillion-pound industry with a vested interest in rushing women into assisted conception. “Infertility is a symptom, not a disease,” “yet most fertility doctors are only interested in giving a woman drugs and getting her on a course of expensive, and stressful, IVF as soon as possible. I'm not against IVF — far from it,” he continues. “But it shouldn't be the first thing we turn to as doctors. Putting a woman on aggressive drugs to stimulate egg production is a waste of time if, in fact, she is failing to get pregnant could be because her partner has a low sperm count, or she has an infection.”

“I estimate that 50% of women on IVF don't need it,” says Dr Sami David, a doctor involved with the first-ever successful IVF procedure in New York 30 years ago. “They could get pregnant naturally.” ---

David claims that most specialists have little interest in doing the necessary detective work to establish why a couple aren't conceiving.



Pregnancy Sucess Story #2

I Took Clomid and Failed...Was Giving Up ALL Hope. But Decided To Take Your Advice

Hi Michelle,

I tried clomid and failed. The worst thing of all it caused havoc with my menstrual cycle

I felt pain in my stomach and felt uncomfortable.. I was giving all hope of being pregnant, I came across your website and decided to take your advice.

This is the best thing because…I'm finally pregnant.

Jessica is 6 months old

Update: Jessica is 6 months old

Charlotte Dawson


You Need To Do This Now!

 Are you frustrated that you're still not pregnant?

The question you should be asking yourself is, what can I do to get pregnant?

The most valuable lessons I learnt is that when your body is not in optimum health, or is overloaded with harmful toxins or you are not given enough of the right nutrients, you lose ability to reproduce. Fertility research and case studies, have finally revealed the hidden root causes of infertility.

The good news is that each day people who experience infertility are regaining their health and their ability to reproduce a healthy baby, so it never too late.


Pregnancy Sucess Story #3

Getting Pregnant Despite Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

I was diagnosed with PCOS 5 years ago from an Ob/Gyn who knew nothing about PCOS, who in turn sent me to a fertility specialist to get help. I was not trying to conceive at the time, until you find out you might not be able to at all.

The irregular periods, weight gain, acne, hair growth. She told me to loose weight, and my periods should come back to a normal 28 day routine. I went through the worst case of depression. I didn't want to be around babies or anyone who had one. It seemed no matter what I did or where I went there seemed to be a flock of pregnant mothers, and babies.

I was told I could have an eptopic pregnancy due to the PCOS. I can report though I have lost 60 lbs in 9 months preparing for this pregnancy, just by changing diet and doing excercise.

I bought your course, and it has sometimes been a godsend for someone who just needs to have someone who understands what i am going through and what the best course of action to take.

I want to thank you once again!

John is 1 yrs Old!

Update: John is 1 yrs old

Danielle Simpson


And today I am really excited because you can make your dream come true as you decide to try a powerful natural way to get pregnant.


The Golden Opportunity To Make It Happen

My one goal is to take you all the way to a healthy pregnancy, by discovering how you can fully take the best advice and treatment available.

What would be in your best interests for the coming future? Happiness and a beautiful healthy baby.

I have created this special natural fertility cure formula for you. I call it Get Pregnant Formula. I've made it available in limited numbers and have produced it in a format that is easy to understand and apply.




What If You Could Make Your Dream Come True?

Just imagine holding your beautiful baby for the very first time in a few months from now. You are with your partner looking at him, and you see the immediate likeness to you and your partner. This will be one of the most precious and special moments you remember for the rest of your life

I've created the Get Pregnant Formula Home Study Course to help your journey to a healthy pregnancy and your dream to come true. In this special course I have together the best pieces of information from the greatest minds researching and tackling infertility to help you to conceive and accelerate your pregnancy to a health baby.

The best part is I've managed to put the information in Adobe PDF format as it the best and efficient easy of communicating this in the valuable home study course.

So do you want to figure out how ordinary people of all ages have overcome infertility with a natural fertility solution?

OK, So what made their lives different?  The ability to unlock the natural healing and reproductive power of the human body by taking the right natural herbs and supplements.  Get the information you need to transform your life:


I'll show you:

"How to Get Pregnant Fast"

Module 1

"Get Pregnant Formula " is a 190 page downloadable e-book, jam-packed cover to cover with all the secret natural Infertility cure methods, unique powerful techniques and the step-by step formula to cure infertility. I've discovered in over 10 years of research. This program contains all the information you'll ever need to eliminate your Infertility permanently in weeks and become pregnant naturally with 3-4 months, without using drugs, without surgery and without any side effects.


Get Pregnant Formula - How to Get Pregnant Fast!As Seen In:

Here's a short sample of whats inside:

I tried every single thing and way to get pregnant, and I found out something that I didn't expect in a million years. I'll explain to you why this is the SINGLE most important thing in getting PREGNANT.

How to finally rid yourself FOREVER of those negative havoc causes that have been sabotaging your success with getting pregnant.

7 things you can you do to dramatically improve you getting pregnant OVERNIGHT (The best part is they cost very little in time or money… yet they double the chances of conceiving quickly).

How to pinpoint and strengthen the part of your fertility that are causing you the BIGGEST failure with your reproductive health. Get this RIGHT and it will make the biggest difference in your success to conceive.

Why your having NO LUCK in getting pregnant and how a CHANGE in MINDSET and THINKING can result in skyrocketing your full capacity to peak fertility.

The Four CATEGORIES of Fertility Triggers that make or break you getting pregnant.

I' ll Show you Real life Case studies that will inspire and motivate you of readers who have applied the get pregnant formula with their fertility problems to get great results and achieved pregnancy fast.

Why your fertility doctor will never be able to tell you why you have not been able to conceive ? And how being you own doctor is the best course of action to take to speed up your fertility process.

The FOUR essential checkups and what to look for in detecting fertility issues that are stopping you conceiving.

How to pick your foods that will give you optimum benefits and progress in the right direction and make the biggest difference in your success.

ONE way to decrease and eliminate your chances of having a miscarriage.

An ancient method used for years that brings great results in achieving pregnancy. This has been proven again and again in studies.

Why FERTILITY TREATMENTS do not RESOLVE the inner roots of the problems , but could just bypass the main issue and make it worse.

The three things that STOP you getting pregnant, what you can do to TOTALLY ELIMINATE these TO SUCCEED.

9 Ways to STRIKE infertility and HIT the right buttons that works every time !

How optimizing your fertility, will be the SINGLE BIGGEST reasons in gaining the greatest outcome of achieving a quick pregnancy, master this and you will never look back.

My secret relaxation technique that will give you more inner calm to get you in the right state of mind!

What is the true HIDDEN power of a good nights sleep and what the combined effect of this means on your reproductive health.

Why your more likely to have TWINS as you grow older and what your can do to ensure you have a healthy baby!

3 Ways to eliminate and hit on the things that are playing and diminishing your reproductive health.

The CRUCIAL thing you must do to make sure you get pregnant quickly. (This will instantly separate you from the pack and accelerate your pregnancy).

And much, much, more.


Get Pregnant Formula is 100% guaranteed, clinically researched system that is backed by medical research for getting pregnant quickly and naturally. This is a very rare, highly unique and potently powerful Infertility healing system, which very few women even know exists...


How the Secret Formula will help you!

The Get Pregnant Formula fixes the internal problem that is causing your Infertility and fixes it permanently. By tackling all Infertility contributing factors using a multi dimensional approach it ensures the permanent elimination of the internal environment that's hindering your ability to become pregnant. Thus you could enjoy lasting freedom from Infertility and related disorders and finally be able to conceive.


Module 2: How to Pinpoint your Exact Ovulation

In this 190 pages ebook, Peak Fertility Timing - How to pinpoint the exact time for ovulation" I address one of the biggest problems that women and couples have: They do not know when to have intercourse!

I've had so many women write me or say to me in person: “I started the Get Pregnant Formula Program, but I didn't know what to do NEXT. I'll cover huge ground on how to time intercourse at the best time to ensure you pinpoint it at the right time for peak ovulation. You will have a profound insight into your menstrual cycle.

I'll teach you:

The shocking truth about how to REALLY pinpoint the EXACT time of your Ovulation for Intercourse ( What you can ignore and what you cannot miss at any chance)

A HUGE mistake women make during their cycle that completely DESTROYS any chance of conceiving a baby.

A simple step-by-step method to smoothly and comfortably determine ANY potential problems in your menstrual cycle.

The best time to have sex and intercourse that will meet your inner body clock and boost your chances significantly.

Why Doctors do not tell you the secret behind your menstrual cycle and the difference it makes at each stage. By knowing this you will have more control over birth control.

How this one little thing can DELAY your ovulation and disrupt your menstrual cycle without you knowing so..I'll show you a technique that is error proof that will make it easy to CONQUER this if it happens again!

Your Menstrual cycle is amazing and you will gain an insight to various signs and indicators your body provides to reveal what goes on..So you can throw away and save thousands on money spent on expensive indicators and other useless methods.

Finally find out once for all why your period is late , without resorting to extreme measures and get all your answers easily.

The right way and the wrong way to approach your cycle each month , without the hassle and pain of keep on checking each day!

My top secret technique to do once you have timed intercourse, that will ensure you are successful in conceiving.

Did you know that there are three different things you can do that will INSTANTLY get you to pinpoint the right time for peak ovulation. It took me over three years to find these three things—but you will be able to time intercourse at the best time!

A simple shortcut hassle free way but powerful technique that forces you to keep track of your cycle instantly.

Simple, step-by-step plans for EACH of the 10 critical moments for trouble shooting potential problems with powerful solutions.

10 years of studying fertility has taught me a lot about people. In chapter one, I'll give you a specific way to map your cycle and how each stage of your cycle occurs in sequence, so you can know exactly when your ready for that precise moment.

Much, much more




Module 3: Powerful Proven Fertility Aids to Boost and accelerate your pregnancy.

In the third ebook, “Fertility Aids — Guide to Herbs and Supplements to get you Pregnant ” I'll show you the secrets of how to get the best out of body and accelerating your pregnancy a notch up further by picking certain supplements or herbs in everday life.

The fact is that most women do not know that they can use specific supplements and herbs to their advantage to maximise a quick pregnancy.


You'll learn:

ONE supplement that will double your chances of conceiving and ensuring a healthy pregnancy at the SAME time.

A herb that will ensure the RIGHT BALANCE in your body and at the same time, create an abundance of energy!

Find out what you can use STRAIGHTWAY to double your chances of getting pregnant successfully . Miss this and you will definitely lose out on all the benefits of having a healthy child too.

A secret way to combat any menstrual difficulties or menopause, by resolving any issues head on!

A strategic move that sets up the sperm to interact with the ocyte and increases the success further.

I have personally selected the best supplements and herbs that will make a DIFFERENCE on your fertility and give you a recommendation on each one. The Top rated supplements and herbs are reviewed for the results they have given .

And much, much more.



Module 4 : Your Ultimate "Fertility Action Plan"

In the fourth ebook, “Fertility Action Plan ” I explain how to keep on the right tracks to ensure a quick pregnancy. This will include a way of keeping tabs on your daily life automatically and will boost your fertility to a whole new level.

This is completely new material, and every women that I've shared this with is amazed at what they learn from it.



This ebook will show you:

I read everything, went to the seminars, and tried everything. It wasn't until I did THIS ONE THING that it all started to happen for me. In this guide I'll share the single most powerful thing you can do to become pregnant.

A simple step by step method that will ensure that your on track for success in getting pregnant.

The ultimate Master plan in getting yourself pregnant in 4- 6 months.

My proven Plan to Stop making any DEADLY mistakes by keeping track of certain factors that are getting in the way of a healthy pregnancy.

Much, much more!





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Because you've decided to order today, you also get:

Free Gift Bonus 1 : Free 1 to 1 Coaching ( for the first 4 months - applies to the first 100 only)

Plus I will give you one more bonus extra which is personal coaching from me and my team.

Counselling will include:

I read everything, went to the seminars, and tried everything. It wasn't until I did THIS ONE THING that it all started to happen for me. In this guide I'll share the single most powerful thing you can do to become pregnant.

A simple step by step method that will ensure that your on track for success in getting pregnant.

My proven Plan to Stop making any DEADLY mistakes by keeping track of certain factors that are getting in the way of a healthy pregnancy.

Value $177 - Yours Free!



Free Gift Bonus 2 : How to choose your Baby Gender wether it's a boy or Girl!

I will show you a powerful way to control the gender of wether your baby is a Girl or Boy. The choice is yours.

In this e-book you'll learn how you and your partner can positively influence the gender of your baby.

You'll also learn the mechanism that makes it possible as well as what methods work the best and how to use them. Use this e-book and enclosed ideas and strategies to have a say in the gender of your baby.


Value $39 - Yours Free!



Free Gift Bonus 3: Continous free updates once you have subscribed

As a subscribed member you will get a lifetime of updates and special bonus reports and tools and techniques, as well as free guidance on infertility and to guide you to the ultimate peak health.

I said i would make it better and i did. I believe in constant and never ending improvement.

You will never need to surf the Internet ever again. This is your last stop for information! Once you come on board I will be with you for the long term in continuing to make this program better, more complete and easier to follow.

I'm dedicated to make sure you'll never be "out of the loop." Remain well armed with up to date info in every part of this package!

Whether updates are made in 6 months, a year of even 20 years from one… it's still free for you.

Until I get this package absolutely 100% perfect… you get updated.


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Free Gift Bonus 4: - Free Ovulation Calendar and Chart your way to conception

Free Ovulation Calendar


Find out when you're likely to ovulate -- and increase your chances of getting pregnant!

By using the chart and calendar you will be able to pinpoint your most fertile days.


Value $57 - Yours Free!



Free Gift Bonus 5: The Essential Pregnancy Organizer

Get pregnant Fast Organizer

A well designed easy-to-use organiser for every stage of pregnancy.

An essential addition to your pregnancy library, this handy tool simplifies the process of preparing for a baby. Its tabs provide quick access to checklists, forms, and questionnaires that help manage the details of pregnancy and baby's first weeks at home.

This journal-sized organiser fits perfectly in a handbag, making it the ideal companion for the many travels between night-stand, desk, and practitioner's office. With space to answer questions about pregnancy and baby's birth, "40 Weeks+" ultimately becomes a record of the amazing journey into parenthood!

It includes: detailed timeline and pregnancy calendar; interview questions for obstetricians, midwives, paediatricians; questions to formulate a birth plan; prenatal check-up pages; practical baby shopping list for parents; gift tracker; tips on saving time around the house; coach's preparations and contact lists; feeding and diapering records; helpful resources; pocket for paperwork or keepsakes; and, much more.

Value $17 - Yours Free!




Free Gift Bonus 6: 10 Powerful Relaxation Strategies

Relax Strategies - Get pregnant Fast

In this special guide you will find inner peace and learn to relax and never feel stressed out.

Relaxing is a ke factor in feeling better. When you don't relax, a symptom known as Nervous Fatigue develops.

I'll show you 10 proven ways to eliminate stress and keep you relaxed whatever the situation.

Value $39 - Yours Free!


Free Gift Bonus 7: Choose from the Best Baby names and how to give your baby the right name

Best Baby Names - How To Get Pregnant

This ebook is a special treat for you, so when it comes to think of names, I will give you thousands of names that have meaning and will be unique at the same time.


Value $39 - Yours Free!




The Good News You Have Been Waiting to Hear

The Get Pregnant Formula Home Package course combines all the tried and tested research from proven fertility specialists, nutritionists, fertility researchers. The end result is a powerful formula to accelerate your pregnancy as the secret formula has helped couples to conceive a healthy baby.

The information you will gain is so unique and powerful and each time you go through the material you will discover how to enhance and maximize your fertility to get pregnant quickly.

I have also added some new bonus material with will help you further in resolving your fertility.




What To Do Right Now, So You Can Get Pregnant Fast

Right now, I have decided for a limited time, I will sell the Get Pregnant Formula course in limited volumes, so I can keep track of the progress I am making to help you get pregnant.  So the deal is on for just a short time. My accountant is not happy about the price i have decided to give the course for.

For just a few cents a day, you can have the healthy pregnancy – and baby – of your dreams.  That's all it takes.  Your health will improve.  Your life will be enriched.  Your dream will com true.

Of course, if you decided to go to a fertility doctor it would easily set you back $250 just for the first hour.

But for a limited time, I'm going to let you have our expertise for just $49 .  That's why I have limited the numbers to only 500.


Pregnancy Sucess Story #4

I Struggled With Low Sperm Count

I felt frustrated and bad about not being able to make my wife pregnant. My semen analysis highlighted that my sperm count and motility was low.

The whole experience gave me stress and anxiety.

I heard about Get Pregnant formula and decided to give the ideas a go, It was difficult at first, but I managed to stick to all the advice. It was hard work, but the good news is that she's now pregnant.

how t get pregnant

Update: Craig is 3 months old

Michael Richards, Manchester, UK

You see, each of the modules in Get Pregnant Formula is worth so much more to your health and to maximize a healthy baby.

But you are really going to have to act quickly before I withdraw this offer. 

Right now, I want you to listen to your heart that is telling you to do this.

If you hear the call, order Get Pregnant Formula now.  If you want to get pregnant fast, you really need to take the steps you need to  have the beautiful baby you've always wanted.





Don't decide now..Read Get Pregnant Formula for 60 days!

This is one of the most important investments you will make in achieving pregnancy. When you click on the below button, you will then be taken to a secure order form, your course will be sent to you by post.

Read all the chapters and go through the fertility action plan and you will find strategies that you start Straight AWAY . I promise! Take the next few days to go through the course and begin to Apply the strategies you learn.

If, after studying this easy to follow course, you decide this course is not for you and you have not found any useful information , that you can apply in your situation. Simply send an email and will resolve your refund issue.

If you have enjoyed reading and studying the material and have implemented the strategies in your life, you don't need to do anything further apart from build on your success each month.

My one goal is to truly help you get Pregnant and I believe once you have mastered this you will BOOST your fertility to another level.

No harm done. No hard feelings. And we still part as friends.The last thing that I want is to have your money if you aren't happy. If you don't want the course for some reason, then we can't get your money out of our wallet and into yours fast enough.


My personal guarantee:  I am willing to take ALL the risk of your participation in the system.  Take the Get Pregnant Formula course and follow the simple steps, the cleanses, the changes in diet, and the action plan we have put together for you.  If for any reason you feel this course does not improve your fertility, then simply let us know anytime within and I will refund your money, no questions asked.

The only reason I can make this ironclad, 100% money back guarantee is because I know that the information you are about to receive will help you get pregnant .


Take care,

Michelle Munro

Michelle Munro

Fertility Specialist, Nutritionist, Phd Natural Fertility Researcher, Creator of Get Pregnant Formula

P.S. Even if you've never downloaded anything in your life, don't let that stop you from ordering the vital information found in Get Pregnant Formula. Our step-by-step instructions make it easy AND our secure google checkout ordering process makes it safe. Order now and you'll have the program within seconds.                                                                 

P.P.S. I just want to make sure you don't put this off, don't miss the chance to finally conceive. Just Imagine for a few seconds, a year from now. Holding your healthy baby in your arms. The Choice is yours a year from now, you will wish you had started this earlier on.


Click here right now to order Get Pregnant Formula


Get pregnant Formula™ is a downloadable e-book. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and all the bonuses onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.


Successfull Pregnancy Stories

But instead of me telling you how great we are, we thought we would let some of our readers tell you that have successfully achieved pregnancy.


“It's a healthy BOY!”

“It's a healthy BOY! We are thrilled! And relieved, as everything looked good on the ultrasound. I feel like I can relax a little now and enjoy the rest of this pregnancy. It amazes me everyday that I was able to conceive this baby, especially after what I was told by doctors. I thank you so much for your guidance and wisdom because if I hadn't picked up your program seven months ago, I know I probably wouldn't be carrying this life inside me now”.

Rihana B, Australia


I Would Not Consider Getting pregnant without the Techniques”

“Michelle Munro was a true gift from God during my journey with infertility. I believe that the advice offered has contributed to my success of giving birth to a precious little girl. It provided the support my body needed and allowed me to relax during the procedure. I don't fully understand the magic of the system, but I would not consider getting pregnant without the techniques and ideas mentioned.

Shibana Ellahi , United Kingdom



“Currently Eleven Weeks Pregnant”

“Starting out as the biggest skeptic on trying to get pregnant using this technique, I have been having treatment for four months and am currently eleven weeks pregnant.

Alison Brown, New Zealand


“Ultimately Heal My Fertility To Get Pregnant Fast ”

“ I read the manuals cover to cover, then went back to page one and read it again. The wisdom, information, and hope it provided gave me the power to help myself and ultimate get pregnant fast”

Jennifer Cooper, Republic of Ireland



“Now Pregnant With Our First Child”

“Although my husband had low sperm count and motility. We were about to begin the process of our second IVF cycle with ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm injection). We were becoming more desperate and less hopeful. The treatments were to prepare me to respond better to the medications and the entire stressful medical procedure. I felt better immediately; the most miraculous result, however, was that when my husband had his next sperm analysis, his sperm count was normal! We decided to try naturally, and realized we didn't even know when the timing was right. Michelle Munro became our fertility counsellor. I am so proud and elated to report that we are now pregnant with our first child. We have so much hope now that we will be able to have the family we had always dreamed of”

become pregnant

Rebecca Cooper, United Kingdom

Four Days Later I Found Out That I Was Pregnant- Use this to Get pregnant Quickly

“Michelle Munro, I am not sure if you remember me.. To put a long story short..I continued with your program and then we decided to start the adoption process…

Four days later I found out that I was pregnant.

Currently we are eighteen weeks and everything looks good. THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

Margaret Forster, California, USA.



“Grateful For Your Guidance and Expertise

“I am sitting here nursing our two day old son….I am externally grateful for your guidance and expertise.”

how to get pregnant

Jade, New York, USA.


“I Credit You For Your Methods and Ideas In How To Get Pregnant Fast ”

“I am now almost nineteen weeks. My morning sickness is gone and I'm well into the second trimester. I credit you for your methods and ideas in getting pregnant. Saying thank you doesn't seem to be enough. But thank you for the miracle you have performed.

Chantelle Boughey, California, USA



“I Got Pregnant Within 4 Months”

I have tried every technique to get pregnant in the last 7 years, and I know none of them have worked but Michelle's Formula is the best I have come across as I got pregnant within 4 months of starting this course..

Lisa Rigby, Scotland, United Kingdom



I Wish I had Known Of You Earlier”

 Brilliant, I wish I had known of you earlier, now I will not start planning how to get pregnant naturally, without first reading the ebook – Thank You

Sabrina Bi, Paris, France


Genuine Holy Grail for Getting Pregnant”

Your Get Pregnant Formula is the genuine holy grail for getting pregnant. I would be hard pressed to use anything else

Lisa Zica, Spain


Learn Powerful Strategies and techniques to become pregnant !”

Michelle Munro, Natural Fertility course is definitely an awesome program for anyone trying to get pregnant, thoroughly researched, practical and well overdue. I've gone through all the chapters and I've got to say WOW. This has to be the first how to program to enhancing the quality of your fertility and explains the science behind infertility. I'm learning your methods in earnest. I think this is powerful stuff ! As a couple we have been trying for a child for the last seven years and everything else has failed, and we were beginning to give up hope..I feel more confident in resolving our fertility issues and feel that i will get pregnant quickly.

Natasha K, Barcelona , Spain .


Tips on Getting pregnant is Dynamite and Priceless”

“Michelle Munro” – I just love your Program! I am currently pregnant with my second child. I have to say that this is the best course of action to take in getting Pregnant!

Saima Kusar, Manchester , UK


The Secret Get Pregnant Formula ”

“ Wouldn't it be nice if someone gave you a simple get pregnant formula that would show you, step by step, how to put yourself to sleep with ease.

“Have you ever wished you could accelerate your pregnancy. Michelle Munro is a fertility expert. His system for getting pregnant is profoundly different than what so many doctors teach. The Difference is that it works! I can say that this is the best investment that anyone wanting to get pregnant can use, I am 6 months pregnant.

Rebeccca Lawton, Brussels Belgium





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